UltronoArena TV https://ultronoarena.com
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ultrono arena tv

uatv streams the game ultrono arena.

the AWK scripts parse about 1500 recorded games, and generate statistical tables.
the Bash files provide control over the stream and its pseudo database.

view some of uatv's text output here in the repository, or generate it for yourself in the chatroom at https://ultronoarena.com
start with !ua help

ultrono arena is a game by czm.
you can download his game at https://ultronoarena.com/info/ua.zip
or with textures https://ultronoarena.com/info/ua_textured.zip

in this repo please find:

  • AWK programs
  • BASH scripts
  • maps created for ua
  • demos of matches played in ua

please enjoy