Play classic tetris together
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tctv produces an emission controlled by simultaneous users.
the matcher script (awk, bash) tracks and locks resources.
the titler (curl) posts oauth tokens and other api calls.
the render script (ffmpeg) implements the results.


Usage: matcher [-b buffer] [-g game] [-p1 nickname] [-p2 nickname]
    [-a] [-c] [-h] [-i player] [-l game] [-s] [-v] 

Facilitate a race between tetris players. The matcher is a single-file
executable script, which can be triggered and controlled remotely 
by the racers. Games include the Tetris The GrandMaster series, 
Texmaster, and Shiromino. 
ELO is updated after each match, and comments saved in player history.
Players on twitch will be streamed to <>.

-a, --abort                 Abort an ongoing match.
-b, --buffer BUFFER	    Weechat buffer for program control.
-c, --code              List game codes.
-g, --game GAME		    Game played (currently supported: tgm|tap|tgm3|shiro|texy)
-h, --help 		    Show this help and exit.
-i, --info NICK		    Link to a player's match history.
-l, --list GAME		    List game modes.
-p1, --player_one NICK	    Nickname of first player.
-p2, --player_two NICK	    Nickname of second player.
-s, --standings		    Print the ELO standings.
-v, --version		    Show version and exit.

Additional help and options exist for chatroom users. The --buffer and --info options require:
       html server